Treatable Cases with Reveal | Clear Aligners
Treatable Cases with Reveal | Clear Aligners
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Reveal Your
Best Smile

Aligner therapy can get you the smile of your dreams.

Treatable Cases with Reveal Aligners

Reveal can correct the full range of mild to complex orthodontic misalignments for a comprehensive aligner treatment.
Click below to learn more about each misalignment and how Reveal can help straighten your smile.


Crooked Teeth






Open Bite

Not Your Basic Aligner

Reveal was created by experts for expert providers, so smiles that need a little extra attention are taken care of! Reveal is part of a larger orthodontics toolset to help straighten both complex and teen smiles in many cases

Treatment Cases with an orthodontist

Complex Case Treatment

Choosing the right provider for your case

Complex and more severe cases may require an orthodontist who has experience treating more challenging cases. 

Reveal for Teens too!

Straightening smiles at the right time

Patients who have all of their adult teeth and are looking to straighten their smile early on can take advantage of Reveal Clear Aligners to help ensure a lifetime of confident smiles.

Often it’s beneficial to get orthodontic treatment while the jaw is still growing and teeth can be easily re-positioned. Talk to your provider today and ask if Reveal is right for your teenager.

Find out if Reveal is right for you.

Reveal a New Confidence

Reveal has helped straighten approximately 100,000 smiles, and patients are happy to talk about it. Click below to hear what they’re saying, and tag us on social media to be highlighted!